Ostrowiec Foundry produces cast-iron castings, steel castings and castings from non-ferrous metals, which are hand-made - formed in the technology of self-hardening and bentonite loose masses.

We specialize in the production of individual big-dimension castings weighing up to 30 tons as well as mean-series and low-series abrasion-resisting, heat-resisting and creep-resisting castings from 1 kg.

We produce the following types of castings:

CAST-STEEL (carbon, low-alloy, high-alloy)

CAST-IRON (grey, spheroid, abrasion-resisting , alloy)

The range of the products:

LADLES with the capacity from 0,5 m3 to 16,5 m3 from cast-steel and cast-iron from 0,5 t to 26,0 t for steelworks, iron alloys, copper, lead and tin.

BIG-DIMENSION CASTINGS with the dimension: 4000 x 4000 x 3000 mm, or O 4200 mm x 3000 mm and the weight from 1,0 to 30,0 tons for steel industry (funnels, ingot mould bottom plates, top mots, cylinders, ingot moulds), for cement industry ( bottoms for cement mills and pins for cement mills ), for power industry ( hubs and rings for coal mills ), for machine industry (housings for machines and devices , stands, hubs, beds, wheels, rings, holders)

ABRASION-RESISTING CASTINGS for mining industry (elements of crushers, linings, grinders, plates for mills, slide battens), for cement and power industry (mill linings, balls for mills, dust pipes, lining plates, crossbeams).

HEATH-RESISTING, CREEP-RESISTING CASTINGS for heat furnaces (grates, props, burners, flame holders, crucibles, shapers, flame whirlers).

OTHER CASTINGS for shipping industry (chain wheels, road wheels, clutches, heads, pulley wheels) , for steel industry (the remaining rolling mile and steelworks accessories), water and sewage (valve fittings, sewage grates, elbows, tee connectors, straight connection pipes).

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