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The history of the Ostrowiec Foundry (Odlewnie Ostrowiec) reaches the beginnings of the nineteenth century. Between the wars the Foundry was part of the Ostrowiec Plant (Zakłady Ostrowieckie) and after 1945 it belonged to the Marceli Nowotko Foundry and then to the Ostrowiec Steelworks (Huta Ostrowiec).

From 1995 the Foundry belonged to the Ostrowiec Plant (Zakłady Ostrowieckie), which separated from the Steelworks (Huta). On 1 st July 1997 Odlewnie Ostrowieckie separated from Zakłady Ostrowieckie as a limited company.

In 2003-2004 Foundry functioned together with the Heating Plant as the Thermal Energetics and Ostrowiec Foundry - a limited company (Energetyka Cieplna i Odlewnie Ostrowieckie sp. z o.o.).

In 2005 the name of the company was changed into "Odlewnia Ostrowiec" (Ostrowiec Foundry Ltd). as a result of giving up the heat production.

The Foundry consists of:

  • the heavy castings foundry

  • the inductive foundry

  • the pattern-shop

Ostrowiec Foundry produces individual, low-series and mean-series castings made of cast-iron, steel and coloured metals.

The Foundry specializes in ladles for the steel industry, copper, tin and lead industry. It also produces other casts weighing up to 30 tons for the metallurgical industry, cement industry, power industry, mining industry, machine industry, ship and building industry.

The main receivers of the castings are: the home contracting parties, clients from Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Croatia and other European countries.


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